Even women with regular jobs are sometimes professional escorts

Lately there are more and more Amsterdam escorts so that the customers have the oportunity to choose from, but people must understand that being an escort means in most cases something entirely different from being a prostitute.

It’s sad that this happens, given that most of the time women who provide such services are intelligent, refined people, with the ability to communicate intelligently and adapt quickly to the various environments they reach when they accompany their customers to business meetings, parties, vacations in exclusive resorts, etc.

An escortis a person who, although collaborates with an agency (for more personal safety), works independently in order to have higher incomes. She can perform this activity discreetly, having a normal job, as the two jobsare not mutually exclusive.

She therefore chooses to be a luxury escort only to complete the necessary revenues, but also to fulfill the desire to spend pleasant moments in the presence of special people.

Who are the customers of Courtesans Amsterdam?

Many customers of top professional escorts have far above average incomes and ages between 40 and 50 years, and are very generous people, polite and smart.

According to the statistics made, there are various celebrities from the world of sports, television, doctors, lawyers, not just businessmen and very busy bankers who do not have the time to cultivate a lasting relationship with a single partner, that need the professional escort’s services.

Both parties (the customer and the escort) must, however, always keep in mind that it is a contract, nothing more, a temporary relationship (of hours or mostly days), a business in the true meaning, and that they shall not fall in love like in in the movies. Therefore, the professional escort will not be the romantic partner of the client at the end.  If this golden rule is not strictly complied with, at the end both parties shall be dramatically disappointed. Therefore, neither the client is Richard Gere, nor the escort is Julia Roberts.

What kind of customers want the VIP escorts?

Courtesans Amsterdamprefer customers with a high social position, who are very confident and usually have a special job: lawyers, celebrities from the world of cinema or television, renowned athletes, bankers. These people like to talk a lot about the enormous power they hold, the status they have reached and seek through the experiences that they have with special escorts to help them confirm once again the opinion they have about themselves.

It is in the nature of things that these customers try in most cases to dominate, because they have an influential lifestyle and that’s what they do on a daily basis.

Obviously, there are also special requirements to escorts like those to be quardied, insulted, everything to experience the opposite of what they hear in everyday life and to find a balance between power and humility, between dominating and being dominated.

Clients who like to party hard are included in another category of customers of luxury escorts. They have enough money and time to live their lives to the fullest and then they want to experience as many sexual services as possible with real professionals in adult entertainment, not with a few prostitutes.

There are also men who, although have sufficient financial resources, have failed in their private lives, divorced and need an empathic person to understand, listen patiently, give them all the attention they have been deprived of. That’s what they’re willing to pay quite large sums. Much bigger than a psychotherapist.


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